Andrea Crews founder and creative director Maroussia Rebecq is a woman with a versatile and whimsical mind who has successfully bonded her artsy veinwith a green heart, pioneering the movement for eco-friendly fashion infused with a streetwear couture vibe.

The Paris-based designer launched her label in 2002 as an art project hinged on upcycling vintage garments that has resulted in colorful and playful collections, and as a creative agency whose clients include Nike, Lacoste, Uniqlo and Eastpak, among others.

“I created Andrea Crews and an alter-ego, someone who embraces life and stirs things up. A fictional figure in whom we all recognize ourselves, American or Spanish, super hero or conquistador, Andrea Crews is a superego, free and generous, ready to defy the established order,” says Rebecq.

Fashion wise, the collections are oversized, unisex and bold, playing with inventive fabric mixes and the hijacking of dress codes. Each one, including the streetwear couture line and the handicraft offering tell a story made from unique recycled pieces created in the Parisian studio.

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