Talk about the unreal thing. Influencer Miquela Sousa, a.k.a Lil Miquela, has is all – the Insta-queen status, the blogger appeal, the followers, the designer ties and the glamorous life. Yet there’s one significant difference. She’s a virtual avatar, meaning she doesn’t exist in real life.

With her trendy cropped bangs, up tilt nose and freckles, the hyper-realistic Lil Miquela is 19, half Brazilian, half Spanish and lives in Los Angeles. On her IG profile she wears designer clothes and on Spotify, her songs have scaled the platform’s Viral Top 50 list. Currently, she has almost a million Instagram followers, and recently landed a campaign with Prada also appearing on Prada-themed GIFs.

This unique character, supported by artificial intelligence, is probably only the beginning of the rise of digital humans in social media.

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